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Legal issues for the elderly and their families involve asset preservation, incapacity, nursing home issues, Medicare, Medicaid, & Veteran’s benefits. We also counsel the elderly and their caretakers regarding useful services and programs.
Everyone needs to plan for their future. Let us prepare an estate plan tailored to your individual needs and goals, including avoiding probate, protecting assets, providing for family members, and obtaining peace of mind.
Starting a business is an exciting endeavor. Deciding on the type of business entity is critical groundwork for a successful enterprise. We are dedicated to seeing your business move forward.
The death of a family member, whether sudden or expected after a long illness, can be an overwhelming time. We offer compassionate legal counseling and guide survivors, personal representatives and trustees through the process of settling a loved one’s affairs. We are dedicated to alleviating anxieties and making this process as efficient as possible.

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What happens if I don’t have a will?

There’s a fancy word for dying without a will in Missouri. It’s called “intestate.” So, what does it mean to die intestate (never got around to doing that will)? It means that the State of Missouri decides how your estate will be distributed. There is a very specific distribution scheme laid out in the Missouri statutes. This distribution is in line with some people’s wishes, but definitely not with everyone’s.

In addition to losing your right to determine who gets your estate, failing to do your will also means you have no say regarding the following:

  • Who will take care of your kids if they are under 18 (called a guardian)
  • Who will be in charge of your estate (called a Personal Representative or Executor)
  • Who will overlook any money your minor children inherit from you
  • How much of your estate each relative inherits
  • Whether your Personal Representative will be supervised by the Probate Court

If you care about any of the above, and our guess is that you do, you need a will! The process is much easier than you think. Most clients only need to meet with an attorney twice and are finished in a matter of weeks. Contact our office today to schedule your complimentary initial meeting.